NGA initiatives on School Governance

The Department for Education (DfE) has published a revised version of the Governors’ Handbook. There is a full list of amendments in the Handbook itself as Annex A on page 122.


The changes include:

  • updated section on admissions to reflect the new Admissions Code

  • an expanded section on conflicts of interest and conflict of loyalty
  • a reference to the roadmap for reconstitution
  • more information on induction training and ensuring continuous development of governors
  • a reference to the Framework for Governance
  • a reference to NGA’s Chair’s Handbook
  • new content on the governance structures of academies
  • a reorganised section on teachers and support staff


It is not necessary for governors to read the new Handbook from cover to cover, but rather we recommend that you use it as a reference guide. However, clerks should read the whole document and governors could ask their clerk for an update. Chairs and vice-chairs should also read chapters one and two in particular. 

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