What we do

The Surrey Governors' Association aims to provide a mouthpiece for expressing the collective views of governors both locally and nationally, to further good relationships with the LA, to encourage co-operation between governing bodies and to share information.


To help us achieve these aims, we need to know the views of governors, so please contact us to let us know what you would like your association to be doing.

Our Aims in detail

  • Our aims as set out in our constitution are to:
  • assist governing bodies in furthering the interests of pupils in Surrey schools
  • share information and to encourage co-operation between governing bodies and between schools
  • provide a vehicle for expressing collective views of governors and to make appropriate representations to the Local Education Authority, National Governors’ Association and other relevant bodies
  • further effective relationships with the Local Education Authority,     National Governors Association and other relevant bodies
  • act collectively to promote and protect the integrity of education in the county
  • What value does the SGA provide?
  • The SGA provides a focal point for governors’ concerns and for officers of Surrey County Council (the Local Authority or LA). Corporate events provide opportunities for governors to network, share views and hear the views of and interact with guest speakers.
  • Provides a link between governors and the National Governors’ Association.
  • Involvement in groups, such as the Raising Achievement in Surrey Schools group, gives governors a voice in decision-making.


See also our constitution

SGA Strategic Plan
Updated every year and the core of our meetings.
Here is the 2012-13 version. If you would like to comment on it, or feel we should add to it, please contact us via email.
Action Plan 2012-13.docx
Microsoft Word document [16.1 KB]

What's New?

This page, the NGA news and other information pages are updated weekly during term time and regularly during school holidays. For additional information, please contact us by email:


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