Surrey Governors' Association Constitution


1          Name


The name of the Association of Surrey Governing Bodies is the Surrey Governors' Association (hereinafter referred to as "the SGA").


2          Objectives


            The SGA is an independent, non-party political and non-sectarian organisation whose objectives are to:


i.          assist governing bodies in furthering the interests of pupils in Surrey schools;


ii.        share information and encourage co-operation between governing bodies and between schools;


iii.        provide a vehicle for expressing collective views of governors and make appropriate representations to the Local Education Authority (hereinafter referred to as “the LA”), National Governors' Association (hereinafter referred to as “the NGA”) and other relevant bodies;


iv.        further effective relationships with the LA, NGA and other relevant bodies;


v.         act collectively to promote and protect the integrity of education in the county.



3          Membership


i.          All governing bodies of LA maintained schools in Surrey are deemed to be members.


ii.         Individual governors shall be members by virtue of being members of a governing body in membership of the SGA.


iii.        Honorary, non-voting membership may be offered to other appropriate and relevant bodies at the discretion of the Executive Committee, subject to any policy of the SGA.


4          Executive Committee and Officers


i.          There shall be an Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as "the Executive") responsible for the general management of the Association.


ii.         The Executive shall consist of up to eighteen members in total, to be elected annually at the AGM by a simple majority vote of those present, having due regard to balanced representation from geographical areas of the county and the various sectors.


If vacancies for elected members remain after the AGM, these may be filled at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


iii.        Elections for the Executive to take place annually at the AGM and those elected take office immediately. There is an expectation that members of the Executive will step down after four consecutive years but normally shall not serve continuously for more than six consecutive years.


iv.        At the first meeting after the AGM the Executive shall elect from among their number a Chairman, a Vice-chairman, a Treasurer and Secretary. These four shall be the officers of the Association and shall hold office until their replacements have been elected. The Chairman normally shall not serve for more than three consecutive years.


v.         The quorum shall be six members of the Executive


vi.        The chairman shall have a second or casting vote, if there are an equal number of votes for and against a proposal.


Minutes of all meetings are to be kept and made available to members of the Association.


5          Sub-Committees


The Executive Committee may establish such sub-committees as it sees fit.



6          Finance


            Funding of the Association is provided by the LEA at a rate to be agreed between the Executive and the LEA.


i.          The Committee shall, as necessary, maintain bank/building society accounts in the name of the SGA. Withdrawals may be made on the signature of two named officers.


ii.         All monies shall be applied to further the objects of the SGA and for no other purpose, except that the expenses of representatives attending SGA meetings or of officers on SGA business authorised by the Executive may be paid, if finances permit, on a scale to be determined bythe Executive. The scale shall not exceed that used by the LEA,


iii.        The financial year will be from 1st April to 31st March.


iv.        Annual accounts shall be agreed by the Executive and presented to the LEA.


7          Annual General Meeting


i.          There shall be a General Meeting (AGM) each year to which each member governing body may send two representatives.


ii,         The quorum for decisions and resolutions shall be 30 of the governing bodies in membership.


iii.        Each governing body in membership shall have one vote, and decisions shall be made by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote.


iv.        The agenda for the AGM shall be drawn up by the Executive Committee and must include any items submitted to them by any member governing body not less than thirty days beforehand. The agenda shall be sent out to all member governing bodies not less than ten working days prior to the meeting.


v.         Resolutions may not be put from the floor at an AGM.


8          Other meetings of the SGA


            Special General Meetings of the SGA may be called at any time by the Executive or by written request from twenty percent of the governing body membership. In either case, ten working days notice shall be given, in writing, to all governing body members and notices shall include the reasons for the meeting being called and the text of any resolutions to be put to the meeting


9          Affiliation


            The SGA may affiliate to any other body whose aims are consistent with the aims of the SGA. The Executive may negotiate on behalf of the SGA and make recommendations to the AGM for action.


10        Representation on other Bodies


Where the SGA is invited to nominate representatives onto other bodies, such persons shall be selected in accordance with protocols agreed by the Executive.


11        Alterations to the Constitution


Alterations to the Constitution shall require that 60 days notice be given to each member governing body and shall be decided by a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote at a quorate meeting of the Annual (or Special) General Meeting.


12        Dissolution


If the Executive decides, by a simple majority vote, to propose the dissolution of the SGA, it shall call a Special General Meeting (SGM) giving not less than 60 days notice. If a simple majority of those attending agrees, the SGA shall be dissolved. If the SGM is inquorate a further meeting shall be called, not less than thirty days after the first. If that second meeting is inquorate, the SGA shall be deemed to be dissolved. Any assets shall be transferred to the LEA after payment of any debts.



This version of the constitution agreed at the Annual General Meeting of the Surrey Governors’ Association held on 15th May 2004, has been updated to take account of the change in status of the LA (Local Authority formerly the LEA) and the NGA (formerly the NGC). These changes must be ratified at the next AGM in May 2013


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